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When GC Products, Inc. decided to open Ledge Products, it was because they saw a number of different problems with the other shower shelves on the market. Our team recognized that there were many shower niche products out there, but they had flaws that would cause problems for builders that installed them on the property.

With Ledge Products, we crafted an affordable bathroom niche that addresses the weaknesses of our competitors, using materials and designs that create a better, longer lasting shelf.

Benefits of Ledge Shower Niches

Below, you’ll find the many reasons that we are confident that our shower niche design is simply a better choice than those of our competitors, and why we are so confident that you’ll find these niches to be a valuable choice for your bathroom or shower design:

  • Our shower niches are design to be flush with cement board or plaster wall. Some of our competitors mount over the substrate, which can cause an uneven wall or take extra work to level.
  • Our shower niche products will not leak, and are sloped to drain on all sides. Some of our competitors have weak points in the corners that leak, or maintain water which increases the risk for long term water damage.
  • Our niches are made of engineered cement, which gives it a far superior bond compared to the competition, all with no extra coatings or bonders necessary.
  • Our bathroom niches are made using only recycled content. This means they are perfect for green building, as they are far more environmentally friendly than most of our competitors.
  • Our product line is also meant to be more vast and useful for contractors. For example, our L22D model is separated with a built in large niche and smaller niche – all-in-one. This would usually require two niches from our other companies, which often introduces its own challenges.

These are only some of the benefits of our shower niche options here at Ledge Products. We also make it extremely easy to buy these products wholesale, as you can purchase them online in seconds with no retail markup.

Order Your Shower Niche Today

We created Ledge Products because, after developing custom designs for our customers, we found there was a need in the market for a better quality product at a low cost. If you are ready to order a shower niche online, review our options at Ledge Products or let us know if there is a custom design you need.