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Welcome to Ledge Products, the leader in wholesale shower niche designs made of recycled materials and engineered concrete. Our team will be posting news and tips right here on our shower niche blog. For now, please feel free and contact us at any time, or browse our gallery for more information about our designs.

Ledge Products has 5 sizes that are made ready to order. But we are also capable of custom sizes according to the needs of your project. All you need do is contact Ledge Products, and our team of shower niche engineers will create the size that matches the design of your property.

One of the reasons that so many prefer Ledge Products for their shower shelf needs is that we are one of the few that offers both single and double shower shelves. Our double shower shelves are especially popular, as they give you two separate storage spaces to add to a bathroom, thus offering greater functionality as well as a more unique appearance.

But before you jump to these dual shower niches, you will want to consider whether or not a single niche may be a better choice. There are plenty of situations when a larger niche may be more valuable for your needs. These include:

Ledge Products, the leader in long lasting and easy to install shower niche products, is designed by GC Products, Inc. GC uses two specific materials, GFRG and GFRC, to design lightweight, durable, and cleanly designed architectural products for new and existing construction.

If you’d like to find out about GFRG, you can visit their “What is GFRG” page.

Our shower niche products are made with GFRC, or “Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.” Though GFRG is an outstanding material for architectural designs, it is not waterproof. GFRC is 100% waterproof, which makes it a far preferable option for a place with excessive moisture, like the bathroom.

But GFRC’s benefits extend beyond just its waterproofing. The reason that we believe GFRC is the best material for shower niche products is because it has the following benefits:

  • Long Lasting Durability – Often installing a shower niche and tile is a one time event. You remodel your bathroom, and you expect the tile and the design to last you until you sell the home. GFRC is extremely long lasting, unlikely to chip, crack, or degrade over time, which means you will never need to rip out your tile to adjust your shower niche.
  • Lightweight with Easy Installation – We mentioned earlier that GFRC is a lightweight material. Compared to other shower niche materials, GFRC is light enough that even DIY homeowners can install it into their wall. Its light weight also won’t put pressure on your wall over time, resisting further gravity damage.
  • Recycled – GFRC is also a recycled material. For such a long lasting and easily installed product, knowing that it is also better for the environment is one of the many reasons that so many of our clients come back to us for all their shower niche needs.

GFRC is also easier to tile or paint. On our end, it is such an easy-to-work with material that we are able to create perfect molds that all drain well and fit the exact shape you need. It’s also efficient for us to create despite its many advantages, which means reduced costs to the consumer.

There are many shower niche materials on the market, and we strongly believe that GFRC is the best choice of al of them. For more information, call us today or order your own custom shower niche.  

The average hotel has minimal space. Every room, even suites, are limited to a very specific amount of square footage in order to maximize the value of the property. Anything you can do to be large and more functional - indeed, anything you do to SEEM larger and more functional - has considerable value.

That is why shower niches can potentially have so much value.

Add a Shower Niche to Your Bathroom Remodel or Design

The shower niche is designed primarily to be functional, and that can be helpful at hotels that have minimal space. Instead of requiring that your guests put their toiletries on the floor, you can fit the shower niche into the wall and give them some much needed space. 

But another reason that shower niches add value is that they make bathrooms SEEM bigger. Even though the bathroom itself is essentially the same size, the shower niche adds depth that makes the bathroom appear larger. This makes it easier to give the impression of bigger square footage, and is one of many ways that you can improve the value of your property.

And of course, the shower niche still provides the modern and attractive appearance that makes a property more attractive to visitors. 

It's the little things that make the biggest difference. Shower niches in your hotel room represent one of the lowest cost, most effective ways to add to your property's appearance, and make the visitor stay more enjoyable.