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Welcome to Ledge Products, the leader in wholesale shower niche designs made of recycled materials and engineered concrete. Our team will be posting news and tips right here on our shower niche blog. For now, please feel free and contact us at any time, or browse our gallery for more information about our designs.

Renovating your shower can be exciting. It’s a chance to upgrade your fixtures, and change anything that may have bothered you about your old shower. If you’re getting ready to renovate, or even if you’re just considering it, here are some things to think about including in your new shower.


Clutter is an easy way to make an area look untidy, even if it’s clean. Most people think of medicine cabinets and cabinet space under the sink when they think of keeping things organized in the bathroom, but what about in the shower?

Shower niches are an elegant, modern looking way of keeping your shampoo, soap, and other shower accessories within reach in one place. Ledge Shower Niche Products have a variety of shower niche size and style options, and are also built to last out of recycled materials and engineered fiber reinforced cement.


Tiling has recently become more popular for shower floors, and for good reason: there are lots of ways to customize tile to your style and needs, and it can be easier to clean. If you have a shower without a tub, there are also shower base options to consider, with acrylic and porcelain options now available instead of just the standard beige, prefabricated bases that have long been the default.

Shower Or Tub

Lots of people try to think about whether having just a shower, just a tub, or both in a bathroom will be appealing to future buyers, but it’s impossible to know for sure what each individual who looks at your house in the future will prefer. Instead, just consider how many baths you usually take, and include a tub if you know you’ll use it.

Shower niches can be a simple and useful storage solution for showers and tubs. Ledge Products offers both horizontal and vertical oriented niches, so that you can reach your toiletries whether you’re standing to take a shower or sitting to take a bath. They are also designed with tapered edges, so that water drains off their surface.

Identifying the Best Upgrades for Your Shower

It is not the living rooms or the bedrooms that have the biggest impact in a home. For many, it is the kitchens and the bathrooms. Our Shower Niche products at Ledge Products are a great way to add style and functionality to any bathroom. Order yours today. 

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when choosing tile for your shower niche. Your niche should not only look good, it should be functional as well. Shower niches from Ledge Products offer the option of sleek, modern-looking bathroom organization with built-in practicality. We do this by taking the following into account.


There’s no one size tile that works best with every type of niche because the bathroom design styles are different, but it’s always important to keep your tile symmetrical around the niche. Make sure your tiles’ lines end on the edges of the niche to give it a clean, framed appearance.


Materials like the following are all good choices for shower niche tiles, because they’re waterproof and easy to clean:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Natural Stone
  • Glass

In order to further decrease the chance of mold or water damage, Ledge Products niches are waterproof, made with engineered fiber reinforced cement, and designed with tapered edges to allow for water drainage.


This is the fun part. Shower niches are a great opportunity to add accent color to your bathroom with colored tiles. You can also mix it up with texture that contrasts against the tile in the rest of your shower and bathroom.

Order a Shower Niche to Upgrade Your Bathroom

No matter what type of tile you decide to use for your shower niche, you can be certain that Ledge Products niches are high quality and low cost, long lasting and easy to clean. You can order yours now on, or contact us for any custom specifications you’re interested in.

Do you know what size and design shower niche is best suited for your bathroom? No matter what style your bathroom is (contemporary, modern, or customized), Ledge Shower Niche Products has a shower niche for you. We also offer different sizes of shower niches, all made from recycled materials and engineered fiber reinforced cement, and designed with tapered edges to promote water drainage and make it easier to clean and to prevent mold growth.

What Are You Storing

Choosing the right size shower niche isn’t only a matter of making sure your shampoo bottle isn’t too tall for it, it’s also taking into account how you’ll use your niche and what design you’re going for in your shower. First, keep in mind what you store in the shower, like:

  • Hair products – shampoo, conditioner
  • Soap – bar soap, face wash, body wash, etc.
  • Shaving equipment – razor, shaving cream or gel
  • Lotion
  • Washcloth
  • Shower cleaning materials
  • Comb

Depending on how much you want to keep organized, you may consider a niche with more than one level. If you're designing a bathroom for a customer, consider the overall size of the bathroom, whether there is a bathtub, and where else bathers may put their products to give yourself an estimate of what storage the person will need. 

A Shower Niche For Baths and Showers

It’s also important to consider whether you’re going to be baths, showers, or both where you install your niche. You’ll want to be able to reach your bathing products whether you’re sitting or standing, and a horizontal niche could be a good solution for this. If you’re just going to be standing while taking a shower, a vertical one installed higher up would probably be more accessible.

You can order from a variety of shower niche sizes and shapes right now online at If you don’t see one that’s just what you need, you can contact us to discuss custom specification possibilities.

Does your bathroom need updating? If it does, consider using features made of environmentally-friendly, “green” materials. There are lots of ways you can reduce the size of your impact on the earth when making changes in your bathroom, such as:

  • Install a Low-Flow Toilet. This will reduce water usage, reducing how much water is used for waste, and reducing your water bill.
  • Use Fluorescent Bulbs. These types of light bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs, and last longer.
  • Visit Thrift Stores. Instead of buying brand-new features, cabinets, chairs, etc., check out the thrift store first. You’re likely to find more distinctive, less expensive items that match or highlight your new room design.
  • Use Bathroom Products Made of Sustainable Materials. Toilet paper, hand soap, bath towels, and more are available as “certified organic,” which means it’s healthier for your body and has a lower negative impact on the environment.
  • Install Eco-Friendly Countertops. The countertop serves as a focal point in the bathroom, so why not choose something gorgeous and earth-friendly? Granite, for example, is a non-renewable resource, so consider using recycled materials instead. Some places may even have local artisans that make unique, durable counters that you can use in your bathroom. Plastic, metals, and more can all be put to good use in bathroom features made of recycled materials.
  • Use Reclaimed Wood. Whatever design you’re looking for in furniture or cabinets for the bathroom, it’s likely available somewhere made of reclaimed wood. Reusing wood that’s already been used for something else saves extra trees being harvested and used.
  • Install Shower Features Made of Recycled Materials. Ledge Products wants to help beautiful bathrooms be more “green,” which is why our shower niches are made only of recycled materials. Far more environmentally friendly than the majority of our competitors, our well-designed and elegant looking niches will suit any bathroom.

These are some of the many ways to make sure your bathroom is more environmentally friendly. For more information about our shower shelves, review our product page or contact Ledge Products today.