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Welcome to Ledge Products, the leader in wholesale shower niche designs made of recycled materials and engineered concrete. Our team will be posting news and tips right here on our shower niche blog. For now, please feel free and contact us at any time, or browse our gallery for more information about our designs.

No matter what you want your dream bathroom to be like, there are lots of tile styles and materials to help you achieve it. Choosing tile for the shower can be tricky, because you have to carefully take into account not only appearance, but function, durability, and ease of maintenance. If you’re considering tile for your bathroom, here are some of your options:

  • Ceramic or Porcelain. These are some of the most popular tile materials used for bathroom showers. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are made from clay and other materials, fired in a kiln at high temperatures and usually glazed. Porcelain goes through a longer refining process, and is thus less porous, denser, easier to clean, and more resistant to water, stains, and general wear and tear than ceramic. It is, however, very slippery when wet, so it’s a good idea to make sure measures are taken to make it more slip-resistant if you choose porcelain tiles for the shower floor.
  • Natural Stone. You can create a truly unique and upscale rustic look with natural stone tiles in your shower. It’s not a very water impervious material, however, and would need to be sealed regularly to prevent damage.
  • Glass. Tiles made of glass can create a beautiful, almost glowing effect where it’s laid. If used in the shower, it’s best to only use on the walls, because although it’s resistant to water and staining, it isn’t best for high foot traffic areas.

All of these make excellent bathroom tile, and should be considered for any DIY projects. 

What About Materials to Avoid?

There are other forms of tile that, while valuable, are also slightly risky. It is strongly recommended that you talk to a professional before using the following materials to see if there is a way to integrate them properly:

  • Vinyl. Vinyl tiles have become popular because they’re affordable and easy to change the look of, compared to the demolition time and effort that other bathroom tile materials take. However, vinyl and resilient tiles aren’t the best options for wet environments with bathrooms, and are less durable than stone, ceramic, or porcelain.
  • Marble. Marble gives a soft, refined look to whatever room it’s incorporated into. However, it can be high maintenance, since it’s porous and stains and discolors easily. You can get a similar look by choosing a tile made of a more durable material that’s been made to look like marble. Marble can still be used, but it is a good idea to speak with a professional before installing it.

Tile is one of the fastest, best ways to remake a bathroom. The above options are only the beginning, with other options including granite, limestome, slate, and so much more. Be sure and carefully consider your options before taking on any DIY project, because the right decisions can vastly improve the value of your home, and the look of your bathroom.


One of the challenges that both homeowners and designers face when deciding how to remodel a bathroom is what features will look great now, stay relevant in the future, and last for a long time despite the moisture and bacteria that builds in the room.

It is why, with so many bathroom shelves on the market today, we are so certain that you should order a shower niche from Ledge Products.

Why Ledge?

The Ledge Products family of shower niches are made using only recycled, reinforced engineered cement. They use a sloped design that assists with drainage, and can be installed flush with both cement board and plaster walls.

These designs will withstand the tests of time, add more functional space to the bathtub or shower, and look amazing in any type of bathroom design. They also solve a common household problem (what to do with the products used in the bathroom) and increase the perceived size of the space.

Why Order a Shower Niche?

The shower niche products sold in most hardware stores tend to be more expensive and less well made than our wholesale shower shelf options here at Ledge Products. We’re also able to craft custom orders if you have something unique you need for your design, and all of our specs are easily available so that you know the quality of the product you receive.

It helps to have a shower niche that you can trust to look amazing, install easily, and become an asset to the value of the property. Order your shower niche today on our product page.

Recessed shower shelves are a unique, interesting, and functional addition to any bathroom. Because they are directly installed into the wall, they take away no space from the rest of the shower - often changing the perspective of the shower or bathtub to make it look larger, rather than smaller. 

At Ledge Products, we've developed an affordable, wholesale, easy to purchase recessed shower niche that goes directly into the wall. It is immediately ready for tile and perfect for remodeling your bathroom. Shower niches, as a whole, have become one of the most effective ways to improve the look of a bathroom. With these recessed shower shelves, you can make sure that your shower is able to hold all of your items without any bulky equipment, in a way that adds value to your property.

Our shower niche products are extremely affordable and ready to help you change the way your bathroom looks to the eye. At Ledge Products, we've created some of the most affordable, long lasting recessed shower shelves on the market today, made with recycled material that is ready to get noticed. For more information, feel free and contact us today or order your shower niche directly from our website. 

Life is filled with challenges. Perhaps none of those challenges is as great as trying to figure out where to safely and securely store shampoos in the shower.

There are so many different options to choose from, but if you make the wrong choice, your Head and Shoulders will frequently find its way onto the floor as you knock it over on a regular basis. Not to mention your soaps, your conditioners, and any other toiletries you keep in your sink.

With that in mind, the following are some of the options you have to store your shampoos in your shower, and some of the problems that they can create.

Option 1: The Floor

You don’t have to store your shampoos anywhere at all. You can place the on the floor of the shower or in the bathtub and just let them get wet. Of course, this may take away some of the space you have in your shower and prevent you from successfully moving around. It also requires you bending over in the shower to grab an item, and increases the likelihood that your shampoo gets water in it.

Option 2: The Edge of the Bathtub

Another option is to place the shampoos on the edge of the bathtub. Balancing your shampoos here can be difficult, but not impossible. It also tends to make your shower look smaller and unattractive to guests, and can cause staining that is harder to clean. But it does provide some type of small ledge for those that have a bathtub as part of their shower.

Option 3: Removable Toiletry Shelves

Another option is to pick up the metal shelves that are designed to go on the shower head and balance with your shampoos. On the one hand, this makes them less likely to fall over on their own. But on the other hand, you’re stuck with an unattractive shelf that is easy to knock over and limited in space.

Option 4: Shower Niches from Ledge Products

Another option is to install a shower niche on your property. These niches provide a shelf that doesn’t detract from the look of your bathroom, nor does it cause your shower to look smaller. Indeed, it is also the only type of shelving addition that actually ads value and space to the shower. Because it’s also easy to clean placed at a level that is easier to grab, it remains the best option for those that need a place for their shampoos.

Purely coincidentally, Ledge Products offers the absolute best shower shelves available today, easy to install and very long lasting. If you’re ready to add shelving to your shower, order your shower niche today.