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Welcome to Ledge Products, the leader in wholesale shower niche designs made of recycled materials and engineered concrete. Our team will be posting news and tips right here on our shower niche blog. For now, please feel free and contact us at any time, or browse our gallery for more information about our designs.

Whether you are a contractor in charge of building a bathroom, or a homeowner looking for recommendations for your next remodel, you’ll want to consider the functionality of the bathroom in addition to its aesthetics.

This is where shower niches really shine. Every shower is going to need some type of shelving to store shampoo, soaps, and what have you. The more storage fits successfully in the shower, the more comfortable the space becomes for daily use.

One option is to buy and install some type of shelving addition, which you can then screw in or hang on the shower. But there are so many reason to consider a shower niche instead.

Why Choose a Shower Niche?

  • Stable and Strong – Store bought shelving can break, fall, creak, or move in a way that makes it less than ideal as a way to store multiple items. Since your shower niche is a part of your shower, it is shelving that will never fall, break down, or move.
  • Adds Value – Installing store-bought shelves on your property offers little to no added value, and if you have to screw them into the wall, you may even lose property value. But a shower niche adds long term value to your property. It becomes part of your home valuation.
  • Visually Appealing – Built onto the property, a shower niche is going to be far more visually appealing than any type of product that was not initially built into the property.

Shower niches are also surprisingly affordable, and installation can be easily completed by anyone that is already working on the property. They may also help your property appear larger, unlike a store bought shelf which shrinks your bathroom’s usable space.  

If you are looking for small, affordable, effective ways to improve the look of your bathroom, you cannot go wrong with a shower niche. It is an addition that you should strongly consider as a part of your bathroom remodel.

Ledge Products carries some of the most popular and functional sizes for shower niches, perfect for most types of bathroom remodels. A niche acts as a recessed shelf within the wall of your shower providing extra storage space and organization of soaps, shampoos, scrubs and personal products. Its versatility has made it a popular choice for small or large spaces.

But the niche itself is only the first step. There are still several design elements to consider as you pick the shelf that is best for you. The following are some tips to consider before picking your shower niche.

Ideas for Modern Shower Niche Designs

  • Consider Shelving

To get more from your niche, you may want to consider adding shelves. Shelves give the bathroom niche more functionality. Glass shelves are very popular in modern designs.

  • Consider the Products

When selecting a shower niche, consider the size of the products you wish to organize. Larger niches will fit more items. You’ll also want to note shelving. If the shelves within your niche are not correctly spaced to accommodate shampoos, conditioners and lotions, it won’t have the value that you are looking for.

  • Placement

You can place the shower niche vertical or horizontal. Vertical niche will elongate the space. Horizontal niches are ideal for a bath and shower combination making it easier to reach stored items. Those more likely to use the bath may also want a horizontal design to keep more items within arms reach.

  • Wall Choice

If you have more than one wall on which you can place your niche, choose the wall that is furthest away from the outdoors. The niche may replace some of the insulation that your bathroom uses to stay warm.

Select Your Shower Niche from Ledge Products

Ledge Products is home to some of the best shower niche products and designs available today, with expert craftsmanship and low prices. Order your shower niche from Ledge Products today.