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It isn’t the toilet or the sink or the bathtub that makes a bathroom truly impressive. It is the smaller, often forgotten features that have the biggest impact.

For example, a shower niche is an outstanding addition to your bathroom. If you’re in the middle of a remodel/re-design, shower niche installation is simple and easy, and the effects of the niche on the look and value of your property will be clear the moment you install one.

Practical and Attractive – Why You Should Consider a Bathroom Niche

Every bathroom needs shelving. In a walk-in shower, there is no place to put your items without a shelf, but adding a shelf takes up a considerable amount of much needed space. While it is theoretically possible to put shampoos, soaps, and other products on a bathtub, doing so is unattractive and often problematic for the person taking a bath or shower.

A shower niche, on the other hand, adds a type of permanent recessed shower shelving that doesn’t take away any space from a walk-in shower, and adds usable space for bathroom so that your products are not littering the edges. It is also visually pleasing, as it can be tiled and designed to match the rest of your shower and doesn’t stick out in an unattractive way.

These recessed shower shelves also do not move or fall, so they are safer for the household, and they can be placed in an area of the wall that is more convenient to the bather – rather than a store bought shelf that is limited to areas where it can be hung or where it will fit.

Choose Ledge Products for Your Bathroom Niche

With its history of making quality products, Ledge is the best possible choice for your shower niche. If you are ready to make your order, visit our options or contact us today for a custom niche.