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Plumbing in both commercial and residential bathrooms requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly through the lifetime of the building. An access panel allows you to reach plumbing systems that run behind walls, making this maintenance more convenient and affordable.

A bathroom access panel is often installed when the building is constructed or during a renovation of the bathroom. When selecting a type of access panel, the greatest concerns are often the functionality, the expected life of the panel, and the visual impact different materials will have on the bathroom’s design.

Types of Bathroom Access Panels

A bathroom access panel will most commonly be used to reach a shower valve, water shut off, or to cover a hole that was cut to reach a leaking pipe. Depending on your needs and the type of property you are outfitting, the various types of access panels include:

  • Plastic Access Panels - Although they are affordable, plastic panels tend to be less durable and sleek in bathrooms. They are generally preferred as a solution in private homes rather than commercially, especially due to the ease of installation. Plastic is waterproof, but might warp or crack over time in warm environments.
  • Metal Access Panels - Metal is chosen for its durability. Its industrial look and its reliability makes it a popular type of access panel for commercial properties. When the right type of metal is used in manufacturing, these panels can provide water resistance, fire prevention, and corrosion resistance.
  • Drywall Inlay Access Panels - A piece of drywall encased in an aluminum frame is a subtle type of access panel that blends in with the wall except for the narrow frame. These panels have the same durability as drywall used elsewhere in the bathroom.
  • GFRG Access Panels - Glass fiber reinforced gypsum is similar to drywall in appearance and can be finished in the same ways, but is far lighter and more durable. It can be installed by a contractor without additional structural support. 

Most commercially available bathroom access panels, including the GFRG panels manufactured by Ledge Products, come in a range of regular sizes made to fit all common access points. Other features for panels, such as hinged doors and keyed access, provide additional customization options when choosing the type of product you want to use in your bathroom.

Wholesale GFRG Bathroom Access Panels

Bathroom access panels come in a range of options, and there are many to choose and many that will likely meet your needs. But GFRG access panels remain one of the best investments. They share the benefits of plastic and wood panels in being easy to install and affordable, but offer additional advantages in terms of durability and appearance.

Access panels from Ledge Products meet the highest building regulations, making them ideal for both residential and commercial use. Find our inventory of affordable bathroom access panels on our website or contact us with questions, special requests, or to find out more about our GFRG manufacturing process.