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A visible mess of electrical wires and cables is not only an eyesore, it’s unsafe. Tampering with the electrical system of a building can cause malfunctions and injuries. This is why electronics are run through walls and ceilings whenever possible.

When choosing the electrical access panel during construction or to insert into an existing wall, most contractors and property owners select a commercially available panel. They come in a range of sizes measuring between 6” and 24”. Access panels come in polystyrene plastic, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and GFRG. Additional features like locks or hinged openings will vary by manufacturer.

Benefits of GFRG for Electrical Access Panels

Of all the materials for electrical access panels, GFRG provides a strong and highly customizable option. It is made by bonding recycled glass fibers with gypsum to create a product that resembles drywall or plaster but is significantly more resilient. It is also:

  • Low Profile - An unsightly access panel is little better than seeing the wires themselves. A GFRG panel sits flush against the wall so that it is not immediately visible and is finished to complement the wall or ceiling in which it is installed.
  • Easy to Install - These panels are a portion of the weight of drywall, so they do not require reinforcing, extensive labor, or special tools and skills. This can save you money during your construction or renovation project.
  • Long Lasting - GFRG does not easily crack or break and needs little maintenance to keep it functional and looking like new for several years.
  • Fire Rated - The chances are low, but there is always some risk of fire, especially around electrical systems. GFRG is fire rated to keep flames and smoke from spreading if a fire does occur.

A GFRG access panel is installed by connecting the panel to the surrounding studs or blocks. They are lightweight enough that no additional framing is required. Once installed, joint tape can cover the seams and the gypsum panel can be finished as needed.

GFRG is extremely durable, but not suitable for exterior use as it is not waterproof. Electrical access panels can be made of GFRC, a similar material that can endure the elements, on special request.

Ledge Products GFRG Electrical Access Panels

Our line of electrical access panels made from GFRG are available at wholesale prices and suitable for both private homes and commercial or large residential properties. All panels are manufactured with careful precision. Learn more about our GFRG access panels or request a special order by contacting us.