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When you run any type of short term lodging, whether it is a hotel, a motel, an inn, or even an AirBnB, you’re tasked with trying to provide the best aesthetic appearance to each room with the need to lower costs and improve longevity.

Every detail, from the material used to make the sheets to the pictures you hang in the wall need to have this balance – impressing those that stay in the room without using expensive materials that decrease your profit, or low quality items that break down too quickly.

Long Lasting and Functional: Bathroom Shower Niche Installations

One of the areas that guests judge the harshest is the bathroom. Unfortunately, this also tends to be an area that most builders ignore, choosing instead to provide upgrades to the main rooms rather than focus on the look of the bath or shower.

It’s also here where you can install one of the most cost effective, long lasting features that add function and class to the look of your hotel. With an inexpensive, long lasting shower niche from Ledge Products, you are able to give your hotel bathroom a feature it desperately needs while also adding to the look of the shower in a way that guests will enjoy. Advantages of these niches include:

  • Very Long Lasting – Because they are built into the wall using superior cement material, these shower niches last for decades at a time.
  • Easy to Clean – Thorough cleaning is important for every hotel. Since they are sloped, they drain water easily and require very little to wipe down.
  • Low Cost – Shower niches from Ledge Products are affordable, giving you an option for every bathroom on the property.

Shower niches also add the appearance of depth and size to the bathroom so that your property’s rooms appear larger, and they give ample space for people to put the items they need the most.

Order Your Ledge Shower Niche Today

It’s important to find cost effective ways to give your hotel rooms an upgrade. As you consider designs for each bathroom, make sure you look into shower niches from Ledge Products. You can order yours with ease directly from, or let us know if there are specific custom niches that you would like us to create.