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Every building has systems that are put in place during construction - electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and more. But even when the building is complete, there will still be a need to access these systems to repair malfunctioning components or complete upgrades. A hole cut into the wall or ceiling provides this access, and an access panel hides it from sight when not in use.

Access panels will also protect the components they hide, providing waterproofing and fire prevention and acting as a barrier to dust and unauthorized entry. Since access panels are often a different material than the ceiling or wall in which they are installed, choosing a panel that can be finished to blend in makes for a sleeker look.

GFRG Access Panel Solutions

The majority of access panels are made of plastic or metal, although more specialized ones can be made from wood, drywall, and other material. Plastic and metal are some of the more affordable options because of their mass production.

GFRG is an alternative substrate for access panels that provides several advantages over conventional materials while still being affordable, both to purchase and install. This material is made by combining gypsum, glassfiber, and additives. The finished access panel is lighter weight and stronger than plain gypsum due to the composition. This is ideal for an access panel that might see frequent use.

At Ledge Products, we fabricate standard access panels measuring 9”x9” to 24”x24”. The range in sizing makes them ideal for any type of access point and our GFRG access panels can be used as:

  • Ceiling Access Panels
  • Electrical Access Panels
  • Bathroom Access Panels
  • Crawl Space Access Panels
  • Plumbing Access Panels

All GFRG access panels are fire resistant to meet the strictest building standards. They are manufactured at our facilities and shipped to your job site where they are finished on site.

Installation requires minimal tools and can be done by any contractor. The lightweight panel is attached to a stud and sealed with joint tape. When complete, no frame shows around the access panel, giving it a low profile finish.

Order Your GFRG Access Panels from Ledge Products

For any interior access panel, one made of GFRG provides a quality panel that fits into your budget for construction or renovation. Our standard panels are readily available through our site at wholesale pricing.

We also offer the option to create custom access panels through our parent company, GC Products. Panels of a special size or made of waterproof GFRC are all possible as a solution for your property. Contact us to order your GFRG access panels or learn more about the benefits of this material in construction.