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Ledge GFRG Access PanelsFor hiding and securing building components, access panels are a necessity. Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (typically called GFRG or GRG) is the industry leading material for access panels that are virtually invisible once installed. As part of our Ledge Products, we have recently launched a line of GFRG access panels for use in any type of property.

Specializing in GFRG manufacturing, Ledge Products has designed access panels for many well-known brands over the years. Our Ledge Access Panels, combine our design expertise with superior craftsmanship to offer this premier yet affordable product. Order yours today by calling us at 916.645.3870.

Wholesale GFRG Access Panels

Ledge Access Panels are ideal for both home and commercial use. The seamless fit with a ceiling or wall provides a professional, clean look that is nearly unnoticeable wherever it is installed. Standard options are available to meet most size and style needs, and we can create custom access panels for unique spaces.

GFRG panels are best used to enclose areas that contain electrical wiring, HVAC units, server wiring, plumbing, attics, and more. With so many possible applications for an access panel, we create a variety of types including:

  • Ceiling Access Panels
  • Wall Access Panels
  • Access Doors
  • Round Access Panels
  • Hinged Access Panels
  • Exterior Access Panels

Our access panels are installed in drywall and can be finished for an invisible appearance. Standard panels come in multiple different sizes. Doors can be either drop-in or hinged and keyed. Additional options like energy efficient gaskets that insulate the access space are also possible.

Custom Ledge Access Panels

When a custom access panel is necessary, we can fabricate one of any size or shape from GFRG. Our custom panels designed by GC Products are built to the same standards as our Ledge Products, including affordable pricing. Our rapid process means that your access panel can be finished quickly.

Ledge Access Panels are designed to be long lasting and durable, providing both quality appearance and functionality. We are able to ship panels throughout the United States. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, our Ledge product line is the best choice for access panels. For questions or to place a custom order, give us a call at 916.645.3870 or fill out our contact form.

FAQs About Ledge Access Panels

Q: What is glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG)?

A: Made by fusing gypsum cement with glass fibers, GFRG is an architectural material suited for long term indoor use and can be finished to match surrounding drywall. Despite its strength, it is lightweight and durable for convenient installation. GFRG will not wear, chip, crack, rust, or mold and is a fireproof material. 

Q: Which standard sizes are available?

A: The sizes you will find readily available on our website include 9” x 9”, 12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, 18” x 18”, and 24” x 24”, although many shapes and custom sizes are possible. For custom needs, including large scale projects, we can work with you to design an access panel that meets your needs.

Q: Is GFRG suitable for outdoor use?

A: GFRG is crafted for indoor use. Glass fiber reinforced cement (GFRC) panels are ideal for exterior use. We are able to create these cement-based panels by special request.

Q: How are access panels installed?

A: The panel itself is attached to a stud or block. Joint tape is then used to seamlessly fix the panel to the surrounding drywall. Both the tape and panel can be sanded and painted to match the ceiling or wall so that it is practically invisible.